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474 Hurffville-Crosskeys Road
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HIPAA OMNIBUS RULE - Patient Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices and Consent/limited authorization & release form. You may refuse to sign this acknowledgement & authorization. In refusing we may not be allowed to process your insurance claims.

The undersigned acknowledges having had full opportunity to read and consider the contents of this HIPAA Consent form and the Notice of Privacy Practices. The undersigned understands that, by signing this consent form, they are giving consent to use and disclose their protected health information to carry out treatment, payment activities, insurance and any other office procedures. A copy of this signed and dated document shall be as effective as the original. MY SIGNATURE WILL ALSO SERVE AS A PHI DOCUMENT RELEASE SHOULD I REQUEST TREATMENT OR RADIOGRAPHS BE SENT TO OTHER ATTENDING DOCTORS/FACILITIES IN THE FUTURE.

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